Ibrahimovic goal was blown Mata scored Manchester United 0-2 in Paris

  2015 North American International Division Champions League match at Soldier Field in Chicago to start the race, Manchester United lost 2-0 to Paris Saint-Germain, Matuyidi and Ibrahimovic has scored. Manchester United suffered their first defeat of pre-season warm-up. Paris North Division title, Manchester United was third. This is the Manchester United first four games […]

Manchester United is now the biggest risk battleship 460 million

Mary leave Old Trafford has not yet formalized, but Argentina “angel” avatars, Barcelona sharp knife Pedro is already “can not wait,” the rush of Manchester, the Catalan media, “the daily sports newspaper” The message said the author, Pedro de facto “one foot already stepped into the door of the old Tel Bradford.” “Daily Sport newspaper,” […]

Revealing the Canda Cover in FIFA 16

Christine Sinclair is of course probably the most well-liked female footballer of Canada and without having any doubt; it truly is one in the most identified athletes. Sinclair comes out as the Captain of women’s national soccer team; she has got a recorded two-hundred and twenty-five look. Christine scored 155 times. Now, she takes part […]

nter Milan to sign Manchester City exposed formalized demon Feng

I Vidic transfer soap opera about the Inter seems to have a result, according to the Italian news media, the international Milan has reached an agreement with Manchester City, after Inter Milan will be in the form of rent-to-buy back the Montenegrin striker Giuseppe Meazza. Vidic has been to Australia since the previous convergence with […]

Barcelona 10 title places: Messi is God stronger than Guardiola era

Messi is still in the holidays, and that he would meet with the team in early August, preparing for the upcoming season to start. Legend has played more than 300 times on behalf of Barcelona gains 10 Championship Goal Carrasco accepted an exclusive interview, Macy much appreciated. Barcelona get the Triple Crown last season, following […]